What a crazy summer!

Now that September has come and fall is very much in the air, it is time to catch a breath and reflect on what a crazy summer it has been. First and foremost, the fishing has been great all summer long. Don't believe what social media tells you... If you keep up with what's happening... Continue Reading →

Pre-Game Pre-Trip Checklist!

Hello Trout Hunters, Anglers, and soon to be Hooked on fly fishing! This is a great bit of great information about what you NEED to do before you show up for a guided fly fishing trip. We use this at my shop Taylor Creek in Basalt and it makes everyones life a bit easier as... Continue Reading →

High Sticking Dogma

There is a new kid on the block that seems to be shaking up what we "dyed in the wool" fly fishermen hold sacred. It has us questioning our technique, our skill, our pride of years of practice of becoming seasoned anglers. This “Kid”, this trend, is called Tenkara. Tenkara is not a kid at... Continue Reading →

Hand-Held History

I am a sucker for #oldschool stuff, be it #motorcycles, #watches or fly fishing gear. I know that this reel is far from the best, but it served its purpose for someone very well. Look at the wear of the finish and the dirt on the handle from this persons thumb and fingers. What stories... Continue Reading →

The Outsider

(This is a repost of an article that had written a bit ago for the Taylor Creek blog. I posted it here but. it was posted in the most horrible layout and unreadable font…but I fixed that. Please enjoy) When you live in a small-town resort area, your perspective over time can become a bit... Continue Reading →

Rule #1: Know Thy Client

It is common knowledge that 7:30 in the morning is standard start time for most of the guides in our shop. Some consistently show up fifteen minutes early, while some of the veteran guides show up late, pretty much all the time. That's not because that we veterans believe that we're privileged, it’s because we have our... Continue Reading →

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