What a crazy summer!

Now that September has come and fall is very much in the air, it is time to catch a breath and reflect on what a crazy summer it has been. First and foremost, the fishing has been great all summer long. Don't believe what social media tells you... If you keep up with what's happening... Continue Reading →

Quiet Chaos, Part 1

"Man, it's really sticky!" That was the first thing out of my mouth when I landed in Belize as I stepped off the plane (and I use the term "plane" lightly). Belize is one of those places where you take a commercial jet to the mainland then "climb into" a small, commuter plane either ran by the government or... Continue Reading →

Green Drakes Are The Best

Nature is amazing. I think it's fun to change it up. This is one of many Drawings I have done of local insects. This of course is the world famous Ephemera guttulata aka Green Drake aka Meat and potatoes. Beautiful. Art and image by Glenn Smith

Hand-Held History

I am a sucker for #oldschool stuff, be it #motorcycles, #watches or fly fishing gear. I know that this reel is far from the best, but it served its purpose for someone very well. Look at the wear of the finish and the dirt on the handle from this persons thumb and fingers. What stories... Continue Reading →

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